Eden Mills 2014!


Ahem, yes, bad blogger. What can I say? Knee replacement surgery, flooded basement, busy life. Lots of stuff has happened since my last post – plenty of book love for NEVER LET YOU GO (thank you!), appearances on TV (!), a super fun book tour in Saskatchewan. Summer was quiet, but now Fall approaches with all its busy blustery bookiness.

First on the agenda – The Eden Mills Writers Festival! Sunday September 14th, from 2:30-2:50.

Check out their web site to see all the amazing authors who are attending!

I’ve presented at Eden Mills before, and I loved it. Here’s hoping for great weather tomorrow!

    The Beat of a Different Drummer

    Also excited to mention that I’ll be having one more NEVER LET YOU GO book launch at one of my favourite book stores, A Different Drummer in Burlington. This launch means a lot to me, because I spent a lot of time as a teen hanging out in that old Victorian House, browsing books, buying what I could afford, and playing with their cat. It was a peaceful safe haven for me, and I wish this lovely store many more years of success.


      Never Let You Go Book Launch!

      Adobe Photoshop PDF

      Woo hoo! I’ve been a VERY bad blogger and have not posted in quite a while, but I’m back with GREAT news. I’m happy to announce that there will be a fun book launch for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO. The launch takes place Sunday Oct 27th, at the wonderful Redfish Bluefish Creative Cafe. The event goes from 2:30-5:00pm. There will be crafts & cake! And me! Hope to see you there!

      Oh, and I will only be taking cash & cheques, but the price of the book is an easy $8.00. Makes a great Christmas gift, folks!

        Never Let You Go Coming Soon! Ok, not until October…


        Looky, looky! I got a copy of Scholastic’s Fall 2013 catalogue! Beautiful books from Barbara Reid, Jean Little, Helaine Becker, Robert Munsch, Ruth Ohi, oh, and…me!

        Can’t wait…

          Chirp, Chirp!

          Eeep! I’ve been a bad blogger. I didn’t post the May issue of Chirp! And now June is approaching, so I’m gonna have to double-up on Chirp, I guess.


          May’s Chirp was all about Fun on the Farm!! And the strip inside is one of my faves. It involves pigs & kissing! Hee hee.


          And June’s Chirp is all about Boats! Wee eee!!! Don’t you think Chirp looks a bit like Captain Stubing from The Love Boat?

            Cover Connections


            I had to share this. Recently I noticed that the typeface for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO, was very similar to the typeface of the cartoon book I did a few years ago, YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE. Now upon close inspection I can see that they are slightly different – the type for YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE is narrower and stretched out, but I suspect they come from the same typeface family, Mirielle.

            So how cool is that? Two different designers pick very similar typefaces for my book covers. What does this mean? Well, I’d like to think that it means both designers were insightful enough to connect the right kind of type with the ‘heart’ of the book. Here’s a description of Mirielle: Mirielle is curvy yet angular at the same time. Whimsical yet orderly. As with all Typadelic fonts, this script typeface is unique and original, with a playful twist.

            I’d like to think of myself as ‘whimsical yet orderly’. Heh.

              World Penguin Day!!


              Woo hoo! Did you know that today is World Penguin Day? A very nice lady reminded me this morning (I forgot! Shocking!) and so I must write a brief post about my love for these adorable creatures.

              According to the Ian Somehalder Foundation website, there are currently 17 species of penguins living throughout the world, and they are considered the world’s most popular bird.

              I have now written & illustrated two picture books about penguins, and illustrated one counting book about penguins. Obviously, they are not non-fiction books revealings lots of fascinating facts about penguins. That’s not my gift. I like to make up sweet, fun stories for kids. I love to draw funny, positive art. That is who I am. At my core, my nature is positive, open and friendly. Some people who have met me have commented that I “have no guile”. This has served me well, in some ways, in other ways, not so good.

              So that’s why I love penguins. To me, they seem like they have no guile, either. They just want to live, and enjoy life, without being bothered, and without bothering others. Oh if the world was only like that!

                Chirp Can Weather the Storm!


                Eeep! I’m a naughty girl. I neglected to post the Chirp cover for April! Yes, this month’s issue is all about weather! And yes, it’s raining on the cover. I had considered posting this cover yesterday, but yesterday was nice & relatively sunny, so I didn’t want to tempt fate. I figure since it’s raining today, nobody will get mad at me. And as much as you don’t like the rain, well – it brings those lovely May flowers!

                  Cover Me With Love

                  NeverLetYouGo COVER

                  And here’s the cover for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO.

                    Yes, I Love Snow



                    …almost as much as I love penguins! And so why not mix, snow, penguins & love in one image?

                    Here’s another peek from my upcoming book, NEVER LET YOU GO. Can you tell that I really adore this little purple penguin?

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